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  • The dentist and staff here are very knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend!
  • Delaware Dental Sleep Medicine is a great office. I went for snoring and found out I had full-on sleep apnea. They made me a mouthpiece and now I don’t snore and my sleep is so much better and more refreshing.
  • I’m a few months into wearing the appliance and see a lot of improvement. I still have a few difficult nights but I’m still getting used to the device.
  • I have more energy now and I’m sleeping better – Thank you!!
  • I had mild sleep apnea and didn’t think an appliance was going to do much for me but boy was I wrong! After getting used to wearing it, I have so much more energy and I don’t have any trouble getting up in the morning! I also love that they were able to bill my insurance so I didn’t have to pay a whole lot.